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1997 NEW YORK - Carnegie Hall, November 19th, (Left and Center Right) Paul arrives at the stage door of Carnegie Hall where he is greeted by a growing crowd of several hundred fans. He waves and takes out a point and shoot camera to photograph them.

(Right)Paul signs autographs and chats after a six hour rehearsal at the Riverside Church on November 18th. He also recorded the pre-concert interview for the radio broadcast for "Standing Stone" during this session.

(Left Center) After the performance of "Standing Stone," Paul waves to the crowd as a shower of confetti falls over the audience. The 2 inch white paper read: Paul McCartney's Standing Stone, Carnegie Hall, November 19, 1997. Paul took 4 curtain calls.

The show was performed by the Orchestra of St. Luke's and the New York Choral Artists. Lawrence Foster was the conductor. Paul rehearsed at both Carnegie and Riverside Church on the upper West side.

In attendance at this concert were: Paul Simon, Oprah Winfrey, Alec Baldwin, Elvis Costello and Paul's family (Linda, James, Stella and Mary). There were two receptions held next to Carnegie at the Recital Hall after the show. Paul and Linda attended EMI-Classics party while his kids attended the other.


1997 LONDON - Royal Albert Hall, October 14th, (Left) Paul takes one of six curtain calls after the premiere performance of his symphonic poem called "Standing Stone." He emotionally points to Linda and says, "I love YOU!" This was the first time Linda appeared in public since her diagnosis of breast cancer in December of 1995.

(Center) Paul arrives at the rehearsal for "Standing Stone" and signs autographs for waiting fans, October 13th.

(Right) The "photo call" at the Albert Hall following the 20 minute press conference for "Standing Stone." Paul mentioned a new classical album coming out in 1998 called "Working Classical." It will include, "Stately Horn," "Inebriation," "Spiral" and "A Leaf." He also said he was not giving up pop music for classical.

1997 LONDON - May 1, Paul arrives at Abbey Road Studios to record his orchestral piece "Standing Stone" commissioned by EMI for their 100th anniversary. The sessions lasted seven hours each day.


May 2, 1997 - The third and last day of recording at EMI for "Standing Stone." Paul poses on the steps of Abbey Road Studios for me. He says, "See, I'm posing on the steps of Abbey Road!"

(Left) Paul talks to fans as he heads for the studio steps.

(Right) Paul stands in front of the London Symphony Orchestra truck (LSO).

If you think Wings deserves to be nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame...

Should WINGS be nominated into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? There's a debate amongst Beatles/Paul McCartney fans whether Wings is covered by Paul's induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a "solo artist." Does Wings qualify as a band and are they worthy with a string of number one hits during the '70s? Should its band members be recognized for their contributions?


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