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Hamish, Robbie and Paul shoving each other (image)

CHICAGO - Rosemont Horizon Stadium, December 4, 1989 - (Left) Paul sings "Fool On The Hill" high above the Chicago audience as his psychedelic painted piano slowly rotates.

INDIANAPOLIS - Market Square Arena, February 14, 1990 (Valentine's Day) - (Center) Paul carries a heart signifying love as he strolls across the stage at the end of the show. Other band members carried hearts (love) or circles (hugs) on their posterboards.

CHICAGO - Soldier Field, July 29, 1990 - (Right) "Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/The End"- Paul playfully shoves Robbie McIntosh and Hamish Stuart as he plays the last song during the final show of the 1989-90 World Tour.

Paul smiling (image)Paul smiling holding bass (image)

CHICAGO - Rosemont Horizon Stadium, December 5, 1989 - (Left) Paul opens with "Figure of Eight." The stadium is filled with "48 Hours" crews as they capture Paul for television.

(Right) Rosemont Horizon Stadium, December 3, 1989 - Paul sings "My Brave Face." The show began with Paul walking out onstage after the movie failed to begin. He apologized to the sold out crowd. Then he pointed out that not only did the projector fail but his drummer Chris Whitten had quite a nasty facial bruise from an recent accident.

Paul  singing Paul waving to crowd (image)Paul with hand raised in the air (image)

LONDON, England-Wembley Arena, January 14, 1990 (Left) and (Right) - Paul sings "Jet" at one of 11 sold out Wembley shows.

(Center) - Paul greets the enthusiastic British crowd. During the London dates celebrities such as: Prince Andrew, Bob Geldof, Cliff Richard, Elton John, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, Elvis Costello, Sting, George Martin, Donald Sutherland, Dick Lester, Bob Hoskins and Cynthia Lennon attended the shows.

Paul singing (image)Paul with shocked look on his face (image)Paul playing bass, dramatic pose (image)

LONDON - January 14, 1990 Wembley Arena - (Left) A personal favorite! Paul singing "Jet."

Paul and Linda would arrive at these concerts in a helicopter that landed in the parking lot of Wembley Stadium. Then a black Bentley filled with fresh flowers would drive the few blocks to the arena where the star was greeted by waiting fans.

(Center) Paul feigns fright at seeing a certain photographer, "Figure of Eight."

(Right) Paul playing his classic bass rhythms during, "Figure of Eight."

Paul pointing (image)Paul leaning on piano, gesturing (image)Paul gesturing with hands (image)

CHICAGO-Soldier Field, July 29, 1990 - Paul teases the crowd with his pantomines after "Live and Let Die."

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